JavaScript & HTML5 Chart Types


Visualize cumulative value over a period of time or range.


Show trends and performance over a period of time.


Show data change between categories using bars of the same size.

Inversed Bar

Use horizontal bars to compare values in categories.


Smooth line curves connect data points.

Spline Area

Visualize an area bound by a smooth line curve.


Represent data as a series of points with X and Y values.


Display three dimensions of associated data.


Break down data into its constituent parts of a whole.


Similar to pie, use donuts for showing proportional data.

Range Bar

Visualize data as a series of bars with their own X and Y coordinates.

Inversed Range Bar

Render range bars on an inversed chart layout.

Range Area

Present range data as an area with high and low values.

Range Spline Area

Visualize ranges as an area bounded by smooth lines.

Step Line

Step-like visualization underlining data changes between two points.

Step Area

Visalize data change as an area bounded by a series of steps.

Polar Line

Show line data on a polar coordinate system.

Polar Area

Visualize areas on a polar coordinate system.

Polar Bar Chart

Visualize changes and trends on a polar plot.

Polar Spline

Smooth line visualization on a polar or radar plot.

Polar Spline Area

Underline an area on a polar or radar plot enclosed by a smooth line

Polar Scatter

Position data as points on a polar or radar coordinate system.


Lightweight charts, useful for demonstrating trends.