Accordion / Basic Usage

Company Teams

  • Billing & Sales

    Manager: Scott Rogers
    • Chicago

      Amanda Clark

      Mike Wazowsky

      Alan Decker

      Zoe Bane

    • Vancouver

      Terry Norton

      Miranda Wayne

      Jack Doe

  • R&D

    Manager: Charles Murphy
    • Chicago

      Peter King

      Phillip Trasi

      Phillip Boyle

      Angel Heart

    • Tampa

      Ryan Wadd

      Steve Carot

      Larry Great

  • Support

    Manager: George Lee

    Mickey Falls

    Josh Brooks

    Yayne Hills

    Laurie Kole

    Michelle Drush

    Xavier Gonzales

    Joe Santiago



This example demonstrates the general use of the Shield UI Accordion widget.
This component is used for displaying collapsible content panels for presenting information in a limited amount of space.
The Accordion can be integrated with the DataSource component and allows selection, filtering and formatting of data using different templates.

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